What is Affiliate Club ?

Join our premium affiliate club and stand the chance to earn more Extra Income easily! 188PLAY affiliate club allow registered members to bring in new members into 188PLAY. Our premium affiliates are entitled to attractive bonus commission plan from the members they bring in. You’ll stand to earn more commission when more members is playing, SIMPLE!


Why choose 188Play ?

Affiliate partnerships matter to us, it’s what we do! Our aim is to deliver a long, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship. We are constantly striving to deliver the very best possible affiliate experience and revenue earning opportunities to our Affiliate partners. We aim to keep player retention high by adding new player promotions frequently to give you maximum revenue generation opportunities, and we undertake continuous A/B testing to ensure we get the highest possible, industry beating conversion rate on your traffic. We operate one of the best CRM systems on the market so the player value is maximised.

  • Easy to Use
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Extra Income
  • Strong Partnership
  • Great Security
  • Friendly Support

How’s it work ?

Each registered affiliate will be given a personalized URL link and QR Code for him/her to send to friends/contacts. Upon registering through your links , the registered member will be a downline of the affiliate for lifetime. The affiliate will be automatically awarded bonus commission through our system. Modes of sharing medium are , Facebook , QQ , Wechat , Whatsapp , SMS , etc. The newly registered affiliate member is also entitled to the same benefits should him/her bring in new members. The dividends just keep growing as your member tree grows! To maintain transparency, all affiliates are able to view in their earning status in real time by viewing their affiliates report at all time.

Reward Calculation

Total win is deducted before calculating the bonus commission. Up-line is entitled to the commission based on down-line losses amount.
Example: Company Total Win:- Total Win 120,000 and bonus claimed 20,000.
(120,000-20,000) * 35% = 35,000 (commission)
You commission earn will be : SGD 35,000

Terms & Conditions

When a member fails to participate fully comply join or violation or abuse of any offers or promotions of the company regulations, or we have any evidence that there are any groups or individuals associated with the investment under a series of bets, in order to cause no matter how you can ensure Results benefit from the preferential dividend or other promotional activities, we reserve the right to stop this groups or individuals or cancel offers or discounts reclaim paid dividends. In addition, the company also reserves the right to deduct these customers preferential dividend equivalent value of the administrative costs to compensate for our administrative costs.